Who is Cotton Collective ?

Our mission at Cotton Collective is to fashion women in quality feminine designs that fit their busy lives. We believe that women thrive when encouraged by other women. Our purpose is to bring that sisterhood into the shopping experience. Our clothes tell a lot about who we are and where we are going. And you are going places!

Teri Pierce Owner, CEO

Cotton Collective was founded in 2020 by a mother, Teri, who started her first apparel

job in 1988 and fell in love with the industry. She’s done everything from searching the

back streets of the LA garment district for zipper samples to flying to New York as a

National Sales Manager for product development meetings with big brand companies.

She was remarried in 2005 and due to the complications toward the end of her

pregnancy, her family decided to make a life change and chose to leave LA and return

to her husbands farming roots in Arizona and she became a stay-at-home mom.

Teri had always dreamed of starting her own company, but timing is everything.

She was raising her children, one with special needs, and her husband worked sun up

to sun down every day. She knew God was telling her to wait. As her children got older

she knew it was time. That’s when Cotton Collective was born.

Given that women don’t often have time to shop for clothing, designing a company that

helps them maximize the time they do have was important.

Jessica Inman Co-Owner, Field Development Director

Jessica worked in the direct sales field for seven years helping to grow two companies. She was a top leader that held large teams/communities of women, earning many top team/sales/leadership awards and exclusive trips. She is passionate about empowering women while helping them find something they love and giving them the tools to become successful.