About the Affiliate Program


  1. Commission Rules:
You will get 15% commission on each order when a customer makes a purchase through your affiliate link or uses your coupon code.
2. Additional Benefits and Rewards:
  • Free gifts/Samples: We will provide a package of our best sellers to new affiliates that have over 10K following/audience.
  • Cash bonuses: For every month you sell over $1,500 in total sales, we will offer you a $25 cash bonus. For every month you sell over $3,000 in total sales, we offer you an extra $75 cash bonus.
  • We may also offer other incentives to help you grow monthly – when decided upon.

 How much can you earn?

UpPromote’s sales tracking cookie remains active for up to 30 days if the buyer doesn’t make a purchase during the first visit, to make sure that you would be credited for your hard work. With our average order of $150, you will get paid on average $22.50 per order at the 15% commission rate.

Sales Per Day

Daily Income

Monthly Income

Yearly Income






















When would you get paid?

You will get paid on the 15th of every month via your preferred payment method.

In order for us to send you the payment on time, please update your payment information in Settings > Payment.

How to get started?

UpPromote features and tools:

Refer to the affiliate portal guide and the affiliate portal video walkthrough to learn more about the tools available to you in UpPromote.

Where can I find Marketing tools?

You can access the Marketing resources in the Marketing tools tab.

  • Other ideas, strategies, and tips:
  • Promoting channels: SEO, Review blog posts/videos, email marketing, and TikTok are recorded to be the most successful channels based on last years report.
  • Target Audience (potential customers): Female, age 25-60, loves online/in-person shopping and fashion.
  • Content requirement: Please follow our copywriting samples, SEO keywords list, and Email templates in the Marketing tools tab.

How do returns work for the customer and affiliate?

Returns will be entered directly by the customer on our website via ReturnGo. This is an easy process and they will be prompted as they go to enter their return/exchange. Please see our full return policy here.

  • Any commissions paid out on returned items will be deducted on your next period.


Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information and assistance. We look forward to working with you!