Earn Rewards While Shopping With Your Friends!

You Can Earn Rewards While Shopping with Your Friends!

When you host a Cotton Collective party, you get the BEST of both worlds.
You can enjoy all the fun luxuries of a girl’s night AND enjoy discounted products while earning REWARDS.
Get credits for YOUR products when you host a Cotton Collective Party!

     Sales  (3+ orders)  Product Credit  50% Off
    $200 $20  2 Item
    $500 $50 3 Items
    $1,000 $100 4 Items
    $2,000 $300 6 Items


    Cotton Collective

    Parties with Style!

    Ready to get started? Here’s what you’ll need.

    We have simplified the party planning process by providing an online tool. Just make a list of 40 people to invite and our party planning feature will send out the invites. No worries if a friend can’t make it because they can still shop with your personal stylist.

    • 1Create a guest list using our handy template!
    • 2Your stylist is your best resource. Let us connect you: I need a stylist | I have a stylist
    • 3Have more questions? Fill out the form below and we will get you the information you need.

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